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Tankless Water Heater Electric - 240V | 11KW WN11

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Dimensions: 14" x 9.7" x 3.4"
Weight: 8.5 Lbs
Nominal Current: 46A
Water Connections: 1/2” NPT
Required Wire: 1 x 8 AWG
Required Breakers: 1 x Double-POLE 50 AMP
Note: Breakers and wire are not included


  • 【Endless Hot Water】- WINTEMP Tankless Electric Water Heater - Provides a constant flow of hot water in a short period of time, 114℉ instant hot water is instantly available. No need to wait for preheating, no more worrying about running out of hot water in the tank, and no temperature fluctuations when showering.
  • 【Easy to Install】- This wall mounted water heater is very space saving and can be installed anywhere. Size: 14 inches x 3.4 inches x 9.7 inches, with standard 1/2 inch ports (inflow or outflow), equipped with remote WIFI control to control the temperature without being close to the water heater.
  • 【Energy Saving】- Self-regulating temperature technology adjusts input power based on real-time flow and temperature settings. As water flow decreases, the system reduces power consumption, resulting in saving energy and helping you reduce heating costs.
  • 【Important Note】- For the WN 11 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater, the maximum power current is 46 amps. You will need to have access to 240 volts, 1 x 50-amp circuit breakers, 8 # AWG wires. To ensure safety, please make sure to check your breaker panel before installation to confirm that it meets these specifications.
  • 【Safe to Use】- Safety is always WINTEMP top priority. It comes with overheat protection, dry-heating protection, and electrical leakage protection to ensure your safety, allowing you to enjoy hot water anytime, anywhere with peace of mind. It is ETL certified and meets UL standards.
  • 【Support】- WINTEMP offers a 1-year parts warranty and 1-year technical support. If you encounter any issues during usage, you can follow these steps: Order - Seller - Answer your questions.

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